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Why should you buy a carpet cleaner for pets?

People who own a dog or a cat and live in a house with rugs, a high-quality cleaner is an important tool to think of purchasing. Some people rent rug hoovers from time to time to stter clear of dirt particles and stains, however, if you own a pet, such machine should be within a hand’s reach. In order to remain your rugs looking as tidy and attractive as they were when you first bought them it is necessary to clear stains immediately after they occur on rugs. Therefore, we would recommend you to get a carpet cleaner for pets. A special device is not just a simple hoover but a smartly-designed piece of equipment that will bring joy to clearing your apartment or house and let you see a fantastic result that is so difficult to achieve when using the simple tool.

This guide is going to help you to pick the right model of the device. There are a lot of cleaners on the markets, however, if we decided to have a talk about cleaning rugs when owning a pet, then we are going to focus on specific models of machines and help you to make a smart decision. Take a close look at the tool and learn about its benefits in the article below. This is the device that every pet owner should get!

Things to keep in mind when purchasing a device

If you are planning to get a decent pet carpet cleaner but want to avoid wasting too much money or not paying enough for a qualitative device, you should do a bit of investigation to make an informed choice and purchasing a decent product. There is a wide choice of models online as well as in the shops that offer various options and can be bought for a different cost.

As we have already mentioned, a usual hoover and the equipment that is specially pet-designed are two different machines. The second was created especially for pet owners who have to clean rugs more often plus they need extra features in order to get the best result out of tidying up. Pet-designed models come with various fixations special for taking off hair, spots and liminating pet odor that are irreplaceable when you own a cat or a dog. These are some of the substantial options of carpet shampooer for pets that are really needed when you want to get rid of that mess that you lovely pet creates every single day. So, if you want to enjoy your pet and do not complain that it makes too much mess and takes all your free time in order to keep the house clean, then purchasing such a product is a must.

Three main options of carpet cleaner machines

Check the list of options that pet-designed cleaners provide to deliver the best cleaning result with making as fewer efforts as possible:

  • A basket for collecting hair is a great feature of the hoover that separates sucked hair from water in the tank that is used for clearing spots. No hair will get inside the tank with a water and then will be used for removing stains on a rug. So, you have two different options: a basket that collects pet hair first and a tank with a water that tides up spots from the fabric. Bissell branded devices offer such an amazing option that simplifies tidying up. If your equipment does not come with such a feature, you need to know that you cannot but a basket separately. Some users of such machines said that hair does not come to the tank anyway because it gets stuck in the nozzle.
  • Brushes and other tools. Like we said previously, a carpet cleaning machine for pets comes with various attachments that help to clean rugs better. Some of the best tools is a pet stain remover that collects heavy wastes like vomit or fecal. Still, Bissell manufacturer recommends to scrape wastes off manually before using the machine with an attachment. Some models come with various tools, like antimicrobial bristles or rubber nubs, however, you can purchase them separately at affordable prices. Some Bissell models already come with all necessary tools for taking a good care of rugs. Such a useful kit is a must if you want to enjoy your pet playing with it at home and keep your place tidy at the same time.
  • The ability to dry fabrics is another very important feature that should be included in the device. You need to make sure that the device is strong enough to suck the dirty water from the rug, otherwise, your nice and tidy rug can soon get moldy and spread unpleasant smell, as well as damage your floor especially if it is made of 100% wood. Powelful suckage option is one of the main criteria of a qualitative rug cleaner.

Effective cleaner formulas/odor removers

Usually, spots and odor removers are sold together with home carpet cleaner for pets. They are often offered as small trial size bottles for customers to try. That liquid is specially created to eliminate urine and hair smell as well as stains that occur on rugs when you live with a pet in an apartment or a house. Some of the effective formulas are Hoover 2X PetPlus Pet Stain and Odor Remover and Rug Doctor Pet Care Carpet Cleaner Combo Pack.

Privileges of having a device

The main benefit of having a pet carpet shampooer is you can forget about renting a special machine everytime you need to steer clear of hair and spots. When living with a dog or a cat, you may need to use the device every other day in order to keep your rugs as clean as possible. Usually, pet owners not only prefer but need to clear their apartments and houses more often. Therefore, having a machine at a hand’s reach will become your true assistant in collecting hair and clearing spots, you will enjoy the simplicity of having your place tidy and smelling pleasant.

Also, owning a device will help you to keep money, instead of paying the high price when renting a machine to help you keep your place tidy and neat. Another plus of buying the device is to prolong the best possible condition and look of your rugs. You will be amazed to watch your rugs remaining in an excellent condition. Therefore, this is another way to save money because buying a high-quality rug cost a lot.

Hopefully, this general overlook on cleaning machines for pets will give you an understanding why such device is necessary when owning a pet. It does clean pet hair, remove spots, and odr, it saves money in a long run, and it does not make you tired of looking after your pet and enjoying inside your house. Rug shampooer for pets has a lot of benefits that every pet owner should consider.


Top 5 carpet cleaners for pets

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet

Nowadays, the variety of units for washing purposes is really huge. That’s why it is sometimes hard for users to pick up the most suitable one. Nonetheless, if you are searching for a modern and quality model aimed at coping with the most difficult messes then have a look at the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet carpet cleaner.

Features you won’t find anywhere else

  1. This model can boast of a compact design, which means it can be hidden in the smallest storages. Its weight is only 17.5 pounds – one of the lightest units in the line. Easy access to the tiniest places and maneuverability are guaranteed.
  2. This machine has 2 modes: express and deep – for light and deep activities respectively. Drying modes are also different.
  3. The usage of brushes lifts dirt from carpets and other surfaces. This is great in case owners need to deal with pet accidents. It’s the best carpet cleaning machine for pet urine.
  4. A heating option keeps the water warm.
  5. This model comes with a 3 year warranty. Manufacturers also claim that users should use a certain detergent to prolong the life of a device.

Summarizing all the aforementioned information, one clearly understands that this unit is worth buying. According to customers’ feedbacks among all Bissell’s models in the upright line, it is the leading choice! So, don’t hesitate to invest now to not regret later!


Bissell Spotbot Pet Deep Cleaner

Why Bissell is the most extraordinary and unique manufacturer? – Because it is one of a very few brands that produces completely automatic machines. Just imagine turning a unit on and go for a walk or deal with more important life matters. Meanwhile, the unit will do all the job.

This feature is especially popular among pet owners, as accidents with pets happen almost every day. And of course, with the time, one gets bored and tired from cleaning it all on his/her own.

One of such models is the Bissell Spotbot pet deep cleaner 33N8 or how it is also called – a “hands free machine”.

But how exactly does it work? Well, this process is very simple. All a user should do is to place a device into a dirty spot and turn on necessary cleaning cycles. That’s basically it – easy as that.

NOTE* although it is the best carpet cleaner for pet stains, it can also be used by those without pets, wishing to have free hands.

Main advantages

  • weight & design – the weight is only 14 pounds, making it a very portable model;
  • deep cleaning technology – the unit has two brushes that rotate in various directions, thus removing dirt and spots from fibers, etc;
  • long hose – 5 feet hose is exactly what one needs when it comes to washing cars interiors, upholstery and other places;
  • availability of 2 water tanks- for clean water and collecting of a dirty one;
  • quick process – if a spot/stain is recent, it takes only a couple of minutes to get rid of it;
  • attractive price – many users state that a machine comes at a very reasonable cost and can be purchased with a great discount online;
  • easy maintenance;

This is an ideal option for busy people who have no time or desire to deal with this “dirty” procedure. Investing in this Bissell model, you save your time!


Hoover Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe FH50150

Looking for the best carpet cleaner for pets? Want it to be lightweight, compact and easy to use? Excellent performance also plays an important role for you? Well, if these are your main criteria, then Hoover Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe is worth a consideration!

It has great features every pet owner would 100% appreciate. Thousands of users have already underlined its exceptional power when dealing with messes, dirt and stains of all levels. So, whatever you need to clean, a carpet, furniture, stairs or any other place, this machine will definitely cope with the task. It also has a set of professional attachments which make the deep cleaning process even simpler and quicker!

Unique technology

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50150 has an exceptional cleaning mechanism. It is a special Spin Scrub Technology where the brushed rotate at 360 degree way, thus cleaning the deepest dirt. In simple words, all the messes are removed by scrubbing and suctioning.

Tank system

This model has a dual tank system that includes water for cleaning and for rinsing. All the dirty water after the cleaning goes to the so-called waste-tank.

Brush Heads

This model has several brush heads all of which can be removed and taken care of. In such a way, they will serve minimum 2 years.

19 lbs. weight

Despite the fact that this unit has a very light weight- 19 lbs, it is super powerful. Hence, users can carry it around the house without any difficulties.

Warranty point

This machine comes with a 2 year warranty. In case of any issues, the manufacturer has service center all across the country.

To sum up, if you are seeking a machine that will cope with old stains on carpets or wherever, then Hoover is the on to go for!


Rug Doctor Deep Cleaner

With the industry been full of best carpet cleaners for pet stains, the Rug Doctor brand is the most popular one. The reasons of its popularity are more than clear:

  • it demonstrates excellent performance, working as many hours as you need;
  • it is durable;
  • simple to use;
  • has a good warranty from a manufacturer- 2 years;
  • it easily eliminates all dirt s and even smells, thus being simply ideal for pet owners;
  • it is has a stylish design;
  • only excellent washing results are guaranteed;
  • suitable for home users with or without pets;
  • reasonable price;

Benefits and Features

As it was mentioned above, it is a renewed version of a traditional machine of this brand. Deep Cleaner 93146 can boast of a compact design. Furthermore, it has a light weight along with large wheels. Wondering how this compact yet, high-powered machine copes with different messes or stains? Well, then you should know about its oscillating brushing motion. It has a vibrating brush that does deep tidying up of all kinds of dirt from pets. This is one more ground to call it the best pet stain remover.

NOTE* there are additional attachments e.g. a small brush head to be used for sofas, furniture, etc and a 28ft cord.

One more its valuable feature is a dual water tank. It includes more than a gallon of water. It is way more compared to some portable devices, where one needs to change water very often.

Verdict: worth purchasing

For people living with pets, this model can be of a great assistance. It doesn’t only clean pet messes with ease but also deals quickly with vomit accidents and dog poop. Finally, even old stains are not a problem at all!


Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

The Rug Doctor is a manufacturer that has been designing and manufacturing carpet cleaning units aimed at different purposes for over 30 years. In its line, one can come across units for pet owners as well as home users.

Speaking of the Rug Doctor Portable Sport Cleaner – it is a model with compact design. Using it, one can easily move from one place to another one, since maneuverability is guaranteed. Lots of pet owners purchase it because it deals greatly with all spots. Furthermore, its portability enables owners to store it in the smallest places.

To put it simply, this particular device is a perfect solution for dealing pet stains and everyday accidents from all surfaces. This includes: cars, carpets, rugs, etc.

More beneficial feature

  1. 15 pounds weight;
  2. Vibrating brushes – produce deep and quick cleaning;
  3. Powerful motor – for such a portable model, 10 Amps motor is quite a lot;
  4. Availability of wheels and a handle;
  5. Longevity;
  6. Easy to look after;
  7. Strong suction;
  8. Easy to use;
  9. The best carpet cleaner for pets;
  10. Perfect for cleaning cars;

This unit is simply great in all terms: cleaning, operating and maintaining. Despite its compact size, it is powerful enough to deal with old stains and spots. Its exceptional quality and great performance is a guarantee for an investment.

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